From stunning fell landscapes, over magnificent forests and bodies of water to reindeers, Finnish sauna and delicious local food, Finnish Lapland offers a unique mix of natural and cultural experiences. Preserving finnish nature as it is, is why sustainability is one of our most important key factors in business.

White Adventure has been founded to introduce guests to the breathtaking Arctic nature, rich culture and fascinating lifestyle, to share our passion of this with every guest, and to evoke your admiration.

The Arctic is our home and we make sure not to harm it with our practices. The Arctic nature is fragile and the local culture and communities are invaluable. Therefore, our main goal is to preserve the amazing natural, cultural and social environment we operate in. We are happy to say our perseverance work has had some results already.

Pallas-yllästunturi national park

As it is one of our main destinations, we are a registered cooperation partner of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and we are committed to respecting their rules and regulations to protect the natural environment.

principles of sustainable tourism

We are aware of, respect and follow the common principles of sustainable tourism of Metsähallitus‘ Nature Services and UNESCO Finland’s World Heritage Sites

Every man's right

We carefully inform our guests about the Everyman’s Right and educate them on the "leave no trace"-policy.

STF certification programme

We are currently working on the 7-steps of the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) certification programme to obtain the accompanying certificate. As part of that, we also signed the Commitment 2050 (Sitoumus 2050), which is a key instrument for the national implementation of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030.

Sustainable travelling and business.

The green guidelines we live by

  • We encourage our guests to travel by land instead of airfare. We acknowledge that it often unfortunately is more expensive and due to this give a discount for the tour price for those who choose to travel by land.

  • We donate 20€ for every guest of ours to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and their extremely important work of nature preservation.

  • In respect of the carrying capacity of the environment, we actively avoid mass tourism. We take a maximum of 6 guests per tour to minimize harm caused with our practices.

  • We encourage and guide our guests to move around the destination with muscle power, so we do not use motorized vehicles.

  • We promote the preservation of valuable traditional landscapes and conservation of endangered species by taking them into account in product development.

  • Our staff and guides know the nature, environment and landscapes of the area and are able to take their special features and protection needs into account on tours.

  • We leave no trace. We do not leave anything behind in nature, not our own trash and not other people’s trash.

  • We recycle and sort our waste and encourage our guests to do so by providing sufficient information.

  • We are actively trying to minimize water and energy consumption and instruct our guests to do so.

  • We instruct customers on the purity of tap water and encourage the use of tap water instead of bottled water.

  • We prefer environmentally certified products, such as eco-labelled detergents and cleaners.

  • We prefer locally and organically produced food products.

  • We regularly maintain our equipment and strive for reparation instead of replacement if possible. If we need to replace it, we try to buy second-hand gear if possible.

  • We carefully calculate food consumption on our tours to minimize food waste and to carry less.

  • We use reusable packaging during our tours, e.g. for packing food products.

  • We know the history and cultural traditions of the area and primarily use these responsibly in our services and marketing.

  • We support the preservation and vitality of the local cultural heritage through our activities by including the local cultural offer in our product range, e.g. visit to the local reindeer farm.

  • Our staff and guides know the local culture and heritage and are able to take their special features and protection needs into account on tours.

  • We are aware of the tolerance of tourism and its limits in our community and take these into account in product development.

  • We take other industries in the region into account in our operations.

  • On our tours, we especially focus on wellbeing to give the guests a chance to escape their perhaps busy, everyday lives and experience a stress-free holiday


  • We are working together with local schools and offer internship placements to support education and foster knowledge sharing.


  • We are a member of the local DMO (Destination Management Organisation) Discover Muonio and jointly work on developing tourism sustainably.

  • We engage with the local community and inform them about our products and services and discuss the local impact of our operations.

  • We actively work together with other local companies with the same set of values to develop our products.

  • We promote local products, such as authentic and high-quality food, gifts, handicrafts and textiles.

  • We primarily employ local people and proactively try to develop year-round operations.

  • We support our local community in different ways, such as participating in organizing cultural events or donating books to the primary school.


  • We pay fair salaries to our staff and guides, and we actively try to close the pay gap between women and men.

  • We educate our staff and guides according to their needs.

  • Although we do not offer animal-related services ourselves, we are aware of and promote the rights and proper treament of animals used by partner companies for our products.

  • We market and sell only what we can actually provide, fostering authentic experiences.

  • Everyone is welcome and treated equally here, regardless of the country of origin, nationality, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or physical and/or mental impairments.

  • Our staff and guides are familiar with the characteristics of the culture of our guests’ country of origin and are able to take these into account in our services, e.g. greeting or dining habits.

  • We take different religious characteristics, ethical choices (e.g. vegan or vegetarian diets) and other wishes and needs into account in our services.


  • We have an up-to-date security plan in the event of a crisis.

  • Our staff and guides know the natural area and its characteristics well.

  • Our staff and guides are aware and know how to act in accordance with safety instructions.

  • Our staff and guides are aware of the basics of food hygiene and the staff/guides concerned have a food hygiene passport.

  • Our staff and guides have good up-to-date first aid skills which are updated regularly.

  • Our staff and guides instruct guests instruct guests on the proper use of equipment.

  • We have enough staff and guides to ensure a safe quality experience.

  • Our family business aims at providing authentic, high quality services to our guests and our guest promise corresponds to the real quality of our services.

  • We primarily employ local people.

  • We buy and use local services and products when possible.

  • We are investing in product development and value guests’ and partners’ feedback to fuel this.

  • We promote transparency and are happy to tell you, our guests and partners more about our operations. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

  • Calculating and monitoring our company’s and guests’ carbon footprints with the goal to reduce them.

  • Finding ways to offset the company’s and guests’ CO2 emissions.

  • Providing year-round employment through proactive product development.

  • Trying to find ways to employ those who are difficult to employ.

  • Findings ways to provide services tailored to those with reduced mobility.

  • Improving our communication online, especially making it accessible for everyone.

  • Monitoring industry trends and developments and using them at an advantage to develop our products.

  • Setting, monitoring and implementing operation quality goals.

  • Establishing common messages and measures with Discover Muonio as well as our partners.

Sustainable tourism development is an on-going process and our implementation is certainly not perfect yet. Therefore, we truly value any feedback about our services, communication, online presence from previous and potential future guests, from partners and from whoever might be reading this. We are also more than happy to provide more information on any desired topic upon request.

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