Our tours during winter

On our tours there are great chances to see Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) as we stay away from the light pollution of villages the whole week. You will learn what Winter Wonderland really is about. 

The midnight sun in our tours in summer


Did you know the sun never sets in Lapland during summer? We call it the Midnight sun. You will see the nature in a light you’ve never seen before.

Sking is one option for winter tour


You can book our tours also for a private group of 2-6 people. The Nature & Silence week’s programme can be tailored to your wishes.

Wondering what the weather is like in Finland?

Check the weather for Muonio from the official Finnish weather department Ilmatieteenlaitos

We believe that due to climate change the weather can be unpredictable during winter. Temperature can go as low as -38°C and next week it can be -5°C. Before your arrival check the weather. But don’t stress about cold weather: we will provide you warm jacket and pants, polar boots, hat, balaclava and large mittens.

Have you heard about the Midnight sun? The sun never sets in Lapland during the few weeks in summer. This offers you an unique experience in the arctic nature when exploring the national parks and it’s animals.