We love the Arctic.
We want to share this passion with you.

Guiding groups through Arctic wilderness is a life-style for us, far from "just another job". We find peace of mind in these forests and hills - and we love to share this experience. On our tours we follow these principles. (Click on titles to read more).

Genuine nature experience

Our tours are non-motorised. We spend five days with snow-shoes, skis, huskies. On our tours we will probably not see other people for days.


We take at most six people in our groups. This ensures that you can concentrate on the nature with no distraction. And on the most precious gem of Lapland: total silence.

Heart (not hard) winter

The "Silence and Nature" tours take place mainly in January and February. We call this period Sydäntalvi or the "heart winter". In these months the Arctic winter gives its very best! Skies are painted with pastel colors, trees are packed with snow, probability is the highest that we see Northern Lights.

Spirit of adventure

There will be something awesome and new for each of you. That's a promise.

Comfort and tradition

The adventures in the wilderness are balanced by the comfort of bathing in the saunas and hot water tubs of a lodge spa, by nights in traditional-style but fully equipped log cottages and by cozy moments by warming fire places.

Local tastes

We will serve you some of the finest local specialties - prepared using traditional methods. Ingredients are key - when ever possible we use local and organic produce. The fish comes from our chrystal-clear Arctic lakes!


There is a safety plan for each tour. Our team members have passed the level 1 and 2 of the first aid course of the Finnish Red Cross, an examination on hygienic handling of food and an examination on tour safety. We will provide you with high-quality warm clothing from toe to top to ensure you a comfotable experience.


The nature in the arctic is pristine and extremely fragile. We take care not to leave trash behind us in the wilderness. Where possible, we use local products for the food. We use only non-motorised means while in the wilderness.

Our tours revitalize you!



Tuomas Rautanen

Founder of White Adventure, Tuomas is a passionate winter trekker who has explored Finnish and Swedish Lapland for years on ski expeditions, multi-day husky tours and flying on glider planes (yes, in winter time, taking off from a frozen lake!). Originally from Eastern Finland, Tuomas studied economics in Helsinki after which he worked for eight years at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the EU Parliament in Brussels and an environmental finance consultancy in Zürich. He then decided to move back home and follow a passion for Arctic nature and adventures and completed the Wilderness Guide Course in Muonio, Lapland in 2013. Since then he has been welcoming White Adventure groups in Finnish Lapland.

Certified Arctic wilderness guide, Certified wilderness cook, first aid skills levels 1&2 (Certified by the Finnish Red Cross). English, French, German, Finnish languages.


Anna-Leena is a freelance wilderness guide and drama and theatre instructor. She comes from Kolari, Lapland, where she spent her childhood. After her studies in Western Finland, Anna-Leena came back to Lapland to enjoy the unique eight seasons of the region. Anna-Leena lives all year round in Lapland. She is passionate about picking local wild berries and herbs and using these for cooking and jams. She loves also photographing - even when temperatures sink down to -40 degrees! Anna-Leena works also as a teamwork coach, see her website (in Finnish only).

Anna-Leena guides about half of the Silence and Nature tours.

Certified Arctic Wilderness Guide, certified wilderness cook, first aid skills levels 1&2 (Certified by the Finnish Red Cross). English, Finnish and Swedish languages.



Johanna was born in Southern Finland but was always fascinated by the far North. After a few trips on horseback in the wilderness of Alaska she realized taking people into the nature is what she wants to do. Thus she studied on Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and graduated as an Arctic Nature Guide in 2014. Missing forests and her native culture she decided to move to Lapland. Nowadays Johanna can not come up with a good reason to move South of the Polar Circle. She also has two Arctic dogs - loyal companions on every expedition she goes on.

Johanna guides Silence and Nature tours and the ski expeditions. Have a look at her website.

Certified Arctic Nature Guide, first aid skills in the Arctic (certified by the Norwegian Red Cross). English, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian languages.


On our tours we move in various places over the week. The base of our tours is an authentic chalet 4 km from the village of Levi, some 150 km North of the Polar Circle (see picture and pin on map below). The chalet is in the middle of the forest and nearby there is just another cottage - otherwise just forest. Close to the chalet there is a tepee where we will sit by an open fire and enjoy dinner on the first evening. In two minutes with snow-shoes you can reach a frozen swamp from where it's easy to watch the sky and stars and try to spot Northern lights. During the five tours days we will explore the vast lands North of our chalet, in the Pallas-Ylläs national park and neaby wilderness.


Our chalet, close to the village of Levi, near Kittilä.