Expedition TOur


This 6-day (7-8 days with travel) ski tour is suitable for outdoors enthusiasts with good skiing experience - either cross-country or ski-touring.

Day 0, Saturday

Arrival in Kittilä. Night in a fully equipped lodge close to the village of Sirkka.

Day 1, Sunday

After a first day of packing your pulka (or sledge where you will pull your week's supplies and gear) and getting a security briefing, we will drive close to the point of departure of the expedition, enjoy a sauna and stay over night in a fully equipped cottage.

Day 2 - 6, Monday-Friday

After a good breakfast we will be transferred to the point of departure of the expedition. We will then start the tour. Each of you will pull your week's equipment and food in your pulka. We will move about 10-15 kilometres per day through moon-like landscapes or forests (in case of adverse weather forecast for the whole week).

We will cook dinners from high quality fresh, dry and frozen ingredients on a gasoline or natural gas cooker. Every day we stop for a short lunch break to eat a large meal prepared by mixing the dry meal with hot water. We will sleep nights in tents of two people. Each of you will have a warm thick air-filled mattress and a warm sleeping bag.

After five days of skiing we will drive back to the lodge for unpacking and enjoying a good dinner and a well-deserved sauna.

  • Accessible to outdoors enthusiasts who have previous experience with ski touring, cross-country skiing or multi-day summer treks and camping AND who are in a very good physical shape (half-marathon).

  • From Sunday to Saturday in end of March and beginning of April.

  • The above tour description is indicative only.




1760 euro/ person.
(the price is indicative as each expedition is planned separately.)

Price includes: Skis, pulkas (sledges), tents, sleeping bags, 4 nights in a 2-persons tent, 3 nights in a fully equipped cottage or lodge, 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 7 dinners, sauna on every non-tent evening, 5-day guided ski tour (+1 day preparation), airport transfers (from Kittilä) and all local transport related to the tour. 

Price does not include: Flights from home country to the Kittilä airport, clothing for the ski tour, skiing (hiking) boots, activities on the day after the ski tour, travel insurance.


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