We are organizing two types of tours. Both tours are for people who appreciate non-motorised nature exploration in small groups. On both tours there are great chances to see Northern lights (aurora borealis) as we stay away from the light pollution of villages the whole week. You can either join a group that we are forming or gather your own private group for the week. We take at most 6 people per week.

I)   Silence & Nature Tour

II)  Expedition Tour


Silence & Nature tour

This is a 6-days tour with an excellent balance between adventure and comfort. We will explore the pristine nature of a national park on snowshoes and ride through forests and frozen swamps on huskies for two days. You get to try ice fishing, you will visit a reindeer farm and we try to hunt Northern lights every evening. For five days we will stay away from the lights of the villages. This tour is accessible to anyone who enjoys occasional outdoors treks.


Accessible to all who enjoy occasional outdoors.

Explore a national park on a 3 days guided snow-shoe trek.

Travel 2 days with huskies though forests and swamps.

Try to spot Northern lights every night as we are far away from villages.

Visit of a reindeer farm and a local art gallery.

Sleep in authentic chalets and lodges away from tourist masses.

Bathe in a Finnish sauna every evening.

Maximum 6 people per week.

The Silence and Nature tour of White Adventure was selected as a "Finrelax Star Product 2016" by Finland's national tourist board, VisitFinland.com

1830 eur/ person/ week (excluding flights, see details)

Tour calendar winter 2017/ 2018

3. Dec - 8. Dec *       3 places available
10. Dec - 15. Dec *    Fully booked
17. Dec - 22. Dec *    6 places available

31. Dec - 6. Jan        Fully booked
7. Jan - 13. Jan         Fully booked
14. Jan - 20. Jan       4 places available
21. Jan - 27. Jan       4 places available
28. Jan - 3. Feb     2 places available
4. Feb - 10. Feb        Fully booked
11. Feb - 17. Feb        4 places available
18. Feb - 24. Feb      6 places available
25. Feb - 3. Mar       Fully booked
4. Mar - 10. Mar        4 places available
11. Mar - 17. Mar       3 places available

* The December weeks include only one day with huskies. Therefore the price of the tour in December is lower.

Expedition Tour

This is a 5-day tour (6 days including local transfer and preparation) for the more adventurous ones. Very good physical shape and previous experience with skiing is a pre-requisite!


Explore moon-like landscapes in Northern-most Finland.

5-days adventure on skis pulling all your week's supplies in a sledge.

Sleep two nights in fully equipped cottage and four nights in tents.

Arctic back-country ski touring equipment as well as warm sleeping bag and thick inflatable mattress included.

Maximum 3-4 people per week.

Accessible to people with previous skiing or trekking experience.

Availability 2018:

18. March - 24. March   3 places available
9. April - 15. April          3 places available