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I'm cold already in October in Paris. How do you imagine I could survive a week in Lapland?

Each season we have guests who have precisely this same concern. Nevertheless, they decide to come. And so far none have regretted - even with temperatures dropping below minus 25 degrees. We provide you with a full Arctic outdoors equipment for the "Silence and Nature" tour. From head to toe. If we are outside, we are moving. If we don't move, we are inside in warm places.

Many of our past guests have written in our guestbook about how they experience the cold. Read more here.


Will I see the Northern Lights (Aurora)?

The area of both tours was listed by CNN among the top-10 places in the world to see Northern Lights. Whether you will see Northern lights will depend on two things: first, the sky needs to be clear of clouds. Second, there needs to be auroral activity in the sky. We obviously cannot guarantee either but on every evening that the sky is clear, we just need to remain very vigilant. We also make use of the latest technologies to get Northern lights alarms not to miss the moments when the sky gets painted.

Tuomas and Ansku are both passionate hobby photographers and can give you instructions on how to take pictures of the Northern lights (mainly possible only with cameras with manual exposure settings).


How do I get to your place?

Our base (two comfortable cottages) for the first and last night is 4 km North of the village of Levi. It's in the middle of the forest, far enough so we don't hear the noices of Levi's village centre.

To reach us, the easiest is to take a flight to the airport of Kittilä. It's just 20 km away from the base of our tours. Most people fly through Helsinki (capital of Finland) but there are some direct connections to Kittilä e.g. from Munich. You can find regular flights to Kittilä with, or We will pick you up from the Kittilä airport for free.

Alternatively you can fly to Rovaniemi, which is 170 km from our base. We can organise airport pick-up from Rovaniemi at an extra cost (ask us for details). On some weeks when flights to Kittilä are very expensive, this is an excellent option.

You can also take a night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Ask us about pick-up possibilities from the train station.

Note: do not book your flights before you have a confirmation of your order from our side!


How fit do I need to be?

Silence tour: This tours is a sports activity. You need to be in a physical shape which enables you to make daily treks of 7-13 km in summer conditions (without backpack). The snow-shoe treks on the tour are, however, much shorter - about 4-6 km per day. There are two shorter treks where you will need to pull a sledge (with food and equipment) for a couple of kilometres. Otherwise all the snow-shoe treks are done with light day-backpacks only.

Expedition tour: This tour is an very demanding sports activity. You need to be in a very good physical shape. A good benchmark is that you would be able to run a half marathon (21 km). Furthermore, you are required to have previous experience with ski touring or cross country skiing. We will cover about 10-15 km per day on skis. Each of you will pull a sledge with food and equipment all through the tour.


[Silence tour] Two nights in a wilderness cabin... what does that mean?

During the "Silence and Nature" tour we'll spend two nights in a wilderness cabin. The log cabin is heated with an oven. Usually we need to be careful not to over-heat the cabin rather than being concerned about cold. We cook on a gas stove and we in the evenings we rely on candle light because there is no electricity.

Each of you will have your own bed but there are no private bedrooms. Each evening you can bathe in a wood-heated sauna where we will have plenty of warm water to wash. The night following this wilderness adventure you will be sleeping again in fully equipped houses with double rooms, shower and a small spa even.


What do we eat during the tour?

Nature & Silence Tour: We will serve traditional specialties prepared from excellent - and where possible local - ingredients. Lunches are often prepared on an open fire. We can adapt the meals to most special diets or allergies. Many of our past customers have written about the food in their guestbook entries (click here).

Expedition Tour: We will cook meals with gasoline and gas cookers from a combination of fresh, frozen (well anything we take with us will be frozen) and dry ingredients or prepared meals.


We're only two people. Can we get on a tour?

Yes you can. You can either join another group, or book a private tour for just the two of you. We will organise a tour if we get at least two bookings for a week. We take at most six people per group. In case you want to join another group, send us a message about your preferred dates. In case you want to have a private tour for two, three, four or five people, contact us and we'll make an offer to you.


Why can't I find White Adventure on TripAdvisor?

We would love White Adventure to be listed and reviewed on TripAdvisor. However, TripAdvisor does not allow companies offering multi-day tours or businesses offering services less than six month a year to be listed on their site.

If you know an alternative independent reviewing platform that we could use, please drop us a line! Meanwhile, you can read guest book entries of our past years' guests by cliking here.

Any further question?

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